Homemade Douche - How to Make a Homemade Douche

Homemade Douche - How to Make a Homemade Douche

Homemade - Homemade Douche - How to Make a Homemade Douche

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The word douche originates from the French term for shower. Douche also most popularly refers to vaginal douching, or the irrigation of the vagina. Most girls believe in douching to clear odor caused by their menstrual periods. Although many experts believe vaginal irrigation is unnecessary and harmful to the Ph equilibrium of the vagina, many girls still do it. Here is a guide on how to make a homemade douche at home.

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To make the "fountain syringe", get hold of a hot water bag ready in most pharmacies and attach a bendable water pipe with an attached nozzle at the end of the pipe. You can attach this pipe to the opening of the water bag and fasten it with some duct tape or by tying it with some string on the covering part of the hot water bag. You can then insert the douching clarification into the bag.

The next one is the bulb syringe. The bulb syringe can be supplanted with a clean new ketchup bottle. The kind of ketchup bottle which you can press to allow the liquid inside to be pressured out. The next thing is to lengthen the nozzle by buying one from a store, making sure it fits.

Another clarification is to buy the douching bottle in a pharmacy to save time. To make the douching liquid, bear in mind that maintaining the Ph of your vagina is very important and that killing the "good" Bacteria will only cause infections. A typical douche can be done with a mix of one part distilled vinegar and 4 parts distilled water. That is like, for example, 20 ml of vinegar and 80 ml of water. Make sure the water is clean. an additional one one is to use one tablespoon of kosher salt mixed with hot distilled water, the water should be colse to one quart, and remember to only use the water after it has cooled down. The next combination should be one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with one liter of distilled water, you can also use calendula herb and dissolve it in hot distilled water. Apple cider has also been known as a natural douche, but do mix it with distilled water, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of distilled water.

Seeing that those opinions may differ on douching, keep in mind that consulting your physician should always be the first option. Everybody may think they know what to do after reading a how to guide but reality is it's always best to find out more about the topic in detail before pursuing.

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